The Seasons – Aan de Loosdrechtse plassen by Cornelis Vreedenburgh

Aan de Loosdrechtse plassen by Cornelis Vreedenburgh

It was the end of the afternoon, the sun had started its descent, plunging its amber  rays  into the turquoise blue water, its tones shimmering onto the pontoon nearby. Men, women, and families were enjoying the last hours under the beams of sunlight before they disappeared over  the horizon. They made sure they soaked in the warmth of the day, imprinting their memories with this subtle feeling of wellbeing.
For some, this was a normal day, while for others, they would  never forget the laughter and the smiles shared, feeling carefree with friends and family on this last summer day.
Tomorrow, holiday homes would empty, cars filled with beach towels and umbrellas, suitcases crammed with swimsuits and light fabric clothes. Sunglasses still perched on their noses, parents would  hide their bitter apprehension of going back to work from  their children, singing the praises of school, the nice teachers and their adorable friends.
The Sun had already said goodbye, and while driving back to the city, the overcast sky set the tone for the months to come. Autumn with its rains, winds, and crisp mornings danced with joy in the light grey background. The leaves slowly made their way onto the paved roads, leaving the tree branches bare.

The seasons each have their own way of making their debut each year. Like a performance, they enter the stage timidly yet gracefully, and as the audience  adjust, they increase the intensity, inviting everyone to fully enjoy the show.


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